Corner Marshalling at Murarrie

We need your assistance to ensure we can run the criterium races efficiently and safely.  
We ask 2 members to assist each week by Corner Marshalling.  

  Please register here to volunteer  


Do I need help out?

Unless you already help out with one of the other key club volunteer roles, we expect EVERY member to corner marshal a couple of times a year. 

If you have a valid reason for not being able to help,  advise the racing secretary and we can probably find some other way for you to get involved.

Junior riders (U17s and younger that are riding in the senior grades) are asked to organize with an adult to do their roster. 

Can I still race that day?

If you still want to race on the day you are marshalling, it's your responsibility to find someone appropriate to fill in during your race.
This is easily managed if an A grader pairs up with a C/D grade rider or vice versa.
The racing secretary doesn't have time to organise this for you.

What do I get?

Our undying gratitude.

The following Saturday after you've completed your duty,  (but only the next racing Saturday), you'll also get a free ride at Muzza. Just ask the helpful volunteers at Rego.

You also get triple bonus points in the Muzz points system for the days you help out.

Can I pick convenient days?

Yes - just sign up to a couple of days here.

If you don't, you'll get allocated days randomly, ...  and bugged and bugged and bugged by the racing secretary.

What do I have to do?

Corner Marshals need to report for duty to the chief comm by 6.20 am.  
Make sure you check our facebook page before you leave home. That is where any cancellation will appear first.

Duties are as follows:

  1.      Prepare the track for racing, including :
           unlock the track racing signs.
           sweeping corners and checking for glass etc.        
           put out temporary fencing around clubhouse.         
           fit the padding around the gantry poles if using the regular finish line.           
           put out bike racks.

  2.      Making contact with the Commissaires.
           Find out what corner you are to monitor.
           Collect a radio and yellow flag.

  3.      Take up position on the corner. 
           Check your radio is within range and working.

  4.      Make sure no members of the public enter the race circuit.

  5.      Follow the racing so you know where riders are positions in the various groups and grades.

  6.      Follow any instructions of the Commissaires. 
           For example, you may be asked to display a yellow flag to a group being passed.

  7.      Advise the Commissaires of any racing accidents or incidents, noting grades and numbers.

Remember to bring a chair, water, hat sunscreen and suitable clothing for your day of duty. It can be quite exposed on a corner.

It is helpful if corner marshals have previously been actively involved in racing so that they are able to identify any indiscretions, etc. and report same to the Chief Commissaire by radio.

What happens if I don't volunteer?

The club rules provide for the sanctioning of members who don't help out. If you haven't volunteered in the last six months, you'll be contacted by our Racing Secretary and offered an opportunity in the near future. We take it from there.

Which day did I register for?

Check the Roster. 


If you have any further queries, contact the racing secretary: Sharron Whittaker

We appreciate your help, and so do the entrants.