Murarrie Points System


Commencing 2017, Balmoral Cycling Club is publishing a points table to track performance across the 4 senior grades for Murarrie Criterium Racing.  The points table is currently published for the interest of riders. The A grade points winner earns the right to wear race number 1 for the rollowing year. Winners in all grades win a voucher for 10 free muzz races.

Riders can score points in the following ways :  



 Each prime   10 Points
 Win   25 Points
 2nd   15 Points
 3rd   10 Points
 4th   5 Points
 5th   4 Points
 1st Unplaced woman   5 Points
 2nd Unplaced woman   4 Points
 3rd Unplaced woman   3 points
 Register to race   1 Point 
 Volunteer for the day's racing    3 Points 


Points are accumulated against a rider's CA licence number. Riders are asked to bring their current year's CA licence each week to ensure that points are attributed correctly. If your CA licence doesn't scan correctly please contact CA to have it reissued.

Points will be attributed to riders automatically each week once the club's officials have validated and released results.  When the week's results have been published to our results page, all points will have been updated.

If any grade is split, separate points will be awarded in each race. 

Points are earned in each grade separately.  If a rider is promoted to another grade, any new points earned will be attributed to the rider's tally in the new grade,  however the rider will retain any points in the initial grade until the end of the year and can therefore figure in the top riders for the original grade for the current year.

Each calendar year the points accumulated with be reset to zero. 

Riders can only accumulate points if they have a valid annual or 6 month CA licence and have been graded by our club handicapper prior to racing.  Points earned while riding on 3 day licences will not be retained.

This points table is completely independent to the results monitoring undertaken by our club handicapper, and will not be used to identify riders to be moved between grades.

This initiative is undertaken with best efforts to produce an overall indicator of the most consistent and successful riders over the course of the year. Our officials will endeavour to record all points scoring places each week, however there may be instances in which we are unable to record all placings.  We also reserve the right to fine tune the points system through the year in order to improve its effectiveness.