Balmoral Junior Development and Racing.

Last Updated Oct 2017

Balmoral Cycling Club’s Junior program is peer and State recognised for its encouragement and development of outstanding young athletes in both road and track disciplines, with representation on State and National teams as well as competitive racing teams such as National Junior Track Series and the Balmoral Elite Team. We provide a supportive and social environment to foster lasting friendships and enjoyment of cycling.


Balmoral Junior Info Brouchure

What age can my child start?

Children as young as 5-yrs may commence Junior Development & Skills on Saturdays (road). Once sufficient skills and ability have developed, riders can progress to track and racing. Inter-club and State level racing can be entered from the year they turn 8

Junior Development is aimed at riders up to the age category of U17 (riders turning 15 & 16 in the current calendar year) to ensure they have necessary skills to move to open grades. Progression beyond this is authorised by a club coach and handicapper.
Triathletes also must start in this group to ensure bunch riding skills and confidence are developed. Riders older than U15 should contact us to discuss where to start.

How do they progress?

Starting with Skills Development at Murarrie on Saturday mornings, riders gain confidence and then can expand into various other sessions such as training Tuesday mornings, longer rides on Sundays with friends, track sessions at Chandler velodrome and eventually into various Cycling Queensland groups and events. Our sessions are designed in accordance with the Cycling Queensland Junior Policy

What do we need to start?

Firstly each rider you will need a Cycling Australia licence.  This provides basic insurance and membership to the national body and our club. 

Select the "Join Now" link on the Cycling Australia Membership page. 

Select ‘Queensland’ and ‘Balmoral Cycling Club’ before choosing your level of license.
‘Race’ allows you to race at any event Australia-wide, in addition to training at Murarrie and Chandler.
‘Ride’ is limited to training sessions and our Junior simulated racing at Murarrie and Club training at Chandler.
'Ride' memberships can be upgraded as needed.

Should you wish to try out cycling before committing to a license, please contact our New Member Officer for further information as there may be other alternatives available depending on our current programs.

We'll ask you to complete some waiver documents at Murarrie before riding at that venue.  You can review and print them from here

All riders need the following equipment:

An Australian Standards approved helmet in good condition with it's original AS approval sticker.

A safe and serviceable bike. 
(Balmoral does have a limited number of hire bikes available to get started, contact our New Member Officer to check there is something suitable. )

Comfortable clothing for riding,  with shoulders covered and longer shorts or cycling knicks.
losed-in shoes, (either joggers or cycling shoes cleats are suitable).
When you are ready our Club Kit can be ordered several times per year.  This is only really necessary for competing in open race events. 

Our Junior Development sessions and all racing adheres to the guidelines as stipulated by Cycling Queensland and Cycling Australia. All riders will be asked to agree/comply with them at all times and follow our coach’s directives’.  Please note that various specific technical rules relate to junior riders including restrictions on gearing. Our club members will help explain these and can provide advice on any bike changes that may be required.

What other events are there?

The Balmoral Women's and Junior Tour is the premier open event for Juniors in Queensland. 

There are a number of other "Open" events run by clubs for juniors to compete in. 

Consult the Cycling Queensland Events Calendar for information and entry details. 
A race level licence will be required to enter these events.


Can they participate in Track Cycling at the Anna Meares Velodrome?

Yes, however we encourage all children wanting to start track cycling to be confidently skilled on their road bikes first. 

Our weekly club track session is held on the outdoor velodrome at Chandler.

Most racing from is conducted on the Anna Meares Velodrome. 

All cyclists need to pass an accreditation course before riding on the Commonwealth Games velodrome and for beginners this is a one-hour process.    CQ also conducts frequent "Come and Try" sessions on the new velodrome.

Who are the Balmoral junior coaches?

Louise Jones  - UCI official and coach, Olympian and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist.

Julian Elliott  - Cycling Queensland's JETS Junior Development coach and State Junior Team coach.

Steven Brown - Junior Performance Coach, L1 Road & Track Coach and L2 ASADA accredited.

Nathan Kerlin - Junior Skills Coach


                     Andrew Moore      Junior Committee Chair  Contact
  James Keogh New Member Liaison Officer Contact
  Lisa Sherlock Junior Development Coordinator
  Jon Moriarty Coaching Pathways Liaison Office