Racing at "Muzza"

Every rider requiries a Cycling Queensland grading AND a Balmoral Club grading to race at Muzza. Please contact club handicapper under the contact pages prior to attending racing for the first time. To ride ANY Grade you have to have approval in place do so. This is by accumulation of Muzza points or by the Handicappers grading. Gradings are now in place for all grades. A to E.

Grading must be processed by 6pm the previous Thursday for the Saturday race. Sign on lists are updated Friday prior to Saturdays racing. DO NOT ring at 9pm Friday night expecting a grading to be processed for the following morning.

Grade / Category Race Details Sign On Time Race Start Time
A Grade 50min + 3 Laps 6:25am 6:45am
B Grade 40min + 3 Laps 7:15am 7:45am
C Grade 40min + 3 Laps 8:00am 8:35am
D Grade 35min + 3 Laps 8:00am 8:35am
E Grade - Novice & Juniors 30min + 3 Laps 8:00am 8:35am
Junior Development See Jim Cockrill 8:30am 9:15am